Teach Children These Money Lessons

Top Five Money Lessons to Teach Kids
Susan Beacham, founder of the Money-Savvy Generation and author of The Millionaire Kid$ Club created a program to help parents and educators teach basic personal finance skills to children and teens. Using her Money Savvy Pig piggy bank, kids learn they have four options for their money: save, spend, invest and donate, and the basic building blocks for good financial decision-making. Susan shares her top five money lessons to teach kids, starting when they’re young:

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How Much Time Women Spend Putting On Make-Up

article-2281621-180C110B000005DC-94_306x423It’s been said women take a lifetime getting ready and it has now been revealed the average British woman will spend over a year of her life putting on her make-up.
A new survey into women’s daily beauty regimes shows UK women spend a colossal 474 days – one year and three months – in their lifetime putting on cosmetics, the equivalent of over a whole week every year.
This startling statistic was revealed in a recent survey commissioned by Harley Street beauty clinic Specialist Make-up Services, which showed women spend three hours and 19 minutes every week applying make-up. Continue reading



Ghostbusters: Sony Pictures has had “second thoughts” about moving forward with its planned sequel Ghostbusters 3 and is now “entertaining” the prospect of a rebooted Ghostbusters, led by women. Continue reading